Frequently Asked Questions


We wash all fleece/fibre. We do not scour.

Fleece/fibre will be washed in hot water using a pH neutral detergent then put on racks to dry before carding.

Fleece Length

An ideal length is 3-5 inches (7-13cm). If the staple length is any longer, it runs the risk of snapping through the carding process.

If you require a fleece that exceeds this length to be carded, please consider cutting it to an appropriate length. We reserve the right to return fleeces uncarded if we feel they are too long.

Blending Fleece

If you wish fleeces to be blended you will get the best results if you match the staple length and micron of the fleeces.

We will have fleece available for blending if you require it.

Stored Fleece

If your fleeces have been stored, please check for contamination (bugs, moths, moth eggs, mice etc) prior to sending fleeces in.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time can vary, but we endeavour to get your fleece returned within 2-4 weeks.

Loss Through Carding Process

The average loss through the carding process is 20-30%.

Minimum Charge

We have a minimum charge. All fleeces weighing less than 1kg will be charged out at the minimum 1kg price.

Post and Packaging

Postage and packing is additional to the prices on our price list.